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$ 59.0
$ 59.0

 Containing concentrated hyaluronic acid, called the King of moisturizing ingredients, mild non-irritating to the skin, suitable for all skin types. When hyaluronic acid in the skin covering the epidermis, it will form a water film, continue to absorb moisture in the air and water tightly locked, so that the elastic fibers and collagen in a watery environment, the skin is more elasticity, and the fine lines can be improved. During this period, the skin's own moisture loss is not easy, naturally there will not be rough, chapped phenomenon, and increased water retention, skin will become more supple, on the other hand, the film formed also will block some of the dust, dirt in the air and bacteria, so the skin is not easy to injury and infection.

Before use, Ampoule can be held vertical and in a circular movement to keep the serum at the bottom.
Break the white circle at the bottleneck, be careful, do not hurt your hands. If using ampoules drainer, it's more safe and convenient.
Apply appropriate amount of serum onto the face, neck or body with gentle massage for helping the skin to absorb.

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