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$ 55.0
$ 55.0

Consisting of 100% Uriage Thermal Water, which is exceptionally rich in mineral salts and trace elements, Isophy provides perfect cleansing and care for the nasal cavities. This medical device is a regulated health product that bears, in accordance with applicable provisions, the CE marking.

Used nasally, Isophy evacuates mucosities, unblocks the nose, soothes and purifies the nasal mucous membranes without drying them out.

Daily cleansing of the nose reduces the presence of allergens and soothes the mucous membranes.

The presence of trace elements reinforces the natural defenses, especially during allergic or infectious episodes.

1.) Prime the spray by briefly depressing the nozzle.
2.) Turn baby's head towards you.
3.) Use your arm to hold down baby's body and arm.
4.) Gently insert the nozzle into the the nostril.
5.) Press the nozzle briefly and allow the solution to drain out the other nostril, taking mucus with it.
6.) Wipe the baby's nose.
7.) Repeat in the other nostril.
8.) Clean the nozzle in soapy water, rinse and dry.

** Spray once or twice in each nostril every day.
** In case of nasal congestion: use when your baby gets up in the morning;goes to bed in the evening;before feeding.
** To avoid mucus going into the back of the throat, do not tilt baby's head backwards.
** Never leave a baby alone.

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